Sorry for the lack of blog updates over the past few days… the good news is that I’ve been writing! It’s been a fairly prolific week; at this pace, I may hit 40,000 words by the weekend. Close to halfway through the book. With any luck, I’ll be sending the first half of the book back to an editor before the end of the month.

As a first-time writer of fiction, I continue to be fascinated by emerging patterns, and the overall evolution of my writing. For instance, I much prefer writing dialogue to writing back story/background/scene transitions. Don’t ask me why. I’ve also discovered the shower as the absolute best place for brilliant story ideas. Again, don’t ask me why. And I’ve finally become comfortable in forging ahead to new chapters, rather then endlessly editing the chapters I have (somewhat) completed. It’s harder than you can imagine, leaving chapters alone when you know they aren’t quite done. Now I know – they’ll never be done.

One final note – less than two weeks left on the Kickstarter project. If you plan to contribute, do it soon!

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