Wiped from Existence

As I search for an agent to represent the book, I am also continuing to edit the completed Dark Matters manuscript. (And begin the work on Book Two in the series, by the way…).

My latest edit cause the elimination of a supporting character – Collin, one of the employees at the physics lab where Professor Hanssen works his “day job” of hunting for high-value asteroids. Collin survived through my writing of the entire book, and even through my first few edits. But the more time I spent with the story, the more I realized he was merely an off-shoot of another character, and not bringing much to the table on his own. So it was with a heavy heart that I wiped him from existence – a hard thing to do across 400+ pages. But there is no doubt it helped to tighten the story.

Alas, my dear Collin, I shall remember you well. But the world, I’m afraid, will not.