Quote from James Rollins

I’m thrilled to say that a run-in with NY Times bestselling author James Rollins (of the Sigma Series fame) turned into an offer from him to read my book! Even more amazing, barely a week later he sent me back an email:

Hey Michael,

I finished your novel last night.  Great read!  Lots of cool science (which is of course right up my alley).  Here’s a blurb to use as you see fit:

“Michael Dow’s DARK MATTERS has everything I love in a novel:  scientific speculation, stunning action, and characters that leap off the page.  But best of all, here is a novel that combines all of the above into a seamless, thrilling story.  Don’t miss this debut!”

—James Rollins, New York Times bestseller of The Bone Labyrinth


(Side Note – you should check out Jim’s 30+ books. Especially The Eye of God, with interesting parallels to my own Dark Matters…)

I have to say, in the few years I’ve been at this author-thing, the amount of support & advice I’ve received from “famous” and successful authors, editors, and others in the industry has been incredible. In addition to Jim, another author, AG (Gerry) Riddle (of the Atlantis/Origin Mystery Series) has also provided encouragement and feedback. I have to say, it’s pretty cool. Hope I can return the favor someday…